Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US Vice President Kamala Harris. During this meeting, both the leaders emphasized Indo-US cooperation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a tour of America, he met US Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday. During this, Modi said that when India was in the grip of the second wave of Corona, then I thank America for helping India. PM Modi also invited Kamala Harris to visit India. At the same time, Kamala Harris emphasized mutual cooperation towards strengthening democracy across the world. The two leaders also issued a joint statement.

PM Modi said that India and America are natural partners, we have common values, geopolitical interests, and our coordination and cooperation is also increasing, and he invited the US Vice President to India. At the same time, Vice President Kamala said that India is a very important partner of America.

Terming the election of Kamala Harris as the Vice President during this period, PM Modi said, ‘You are an inspiration to many people. People in India also want to welcome you and that is why I invite you to visit India. He described India and America as natural partners in the form of democracy.

Highlights of Modi-Harris meeting:-

  1. The US Vice President said, “As far as the Indo-Pacific region is concerned, America is a proud member of it. We feel strongly that we have to keep the Indo-Pacific as an open region. As democracy around the world is under threat. It is imperative that no matter how many challenges we face, we must prove that we can defend democratic values ​​and democratic institutions in ourselves and in the world.
  2. Harris further said, “India has been an important source of vaccination to other countries. India is going to resume export of vaccines soon, I welcome it. 10 million people are being vaccinated in India every day. Which is a very impressive move.”
  3. During her address, Kamala Harris appreciated India’s efforts and vaccination campaign for COVID management. Also welcomed India’s decision to resume vaccine exports. Describing the US and India as important partners, he emphasized on mutual cooperation in various fields.
  4. During this time, the US Vice President also expressed his desire to work together with India in strengthening democratic values ​​across the world and said that today democracy is being threatened all over the world. In such a situation, India as the world’s largest democracy and America as the world’s oldest democracy need to work together and strongly in this direction. His statement is being seen as a target on China.
  5. The issue of climate change was also discussed between the two leaders. Kamala Harris praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that you also have a personal interest in this area and therefore possibilities of renewed cooperation should be explored in this direction.
  6. PM Modi said, I am grateful for the warm welcome to me and my delegation. A few days ago I had a chance to talk to you over the telephone. I am grateful for the opportunity I got to interact with you in an intimate way. This was the time when India was suffering from the second wave of Corona. At that time, the affinity with which you extended a helping hand to India. I thank you again for that.
  7. America helped like a true friend in the midst of the second wave of Corona. America took important initiative on Corona Climate Quad. As the world’s largest and oldest democracy, India and the US are natural partners. Our coordination and cooperation is also increasing continuously.
  8. You have a special interest in the areas of supply chain strength, innovative technology and space. For me too this area is a priority. Cooperation in these areas is essential. You are familiar with the People to People relation between India and America. More than 4 million expatriates are the bridges of relations between India and America.
  9. Your leading America is a great achievement in you. Under President Biden and under your leadership, our relationship will rise to greater heights. Your victory journey is historic. The people of India would also like to honor you for this victory. That’s why I invite you to come to India. Once again I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for this warm welcome.
  10. PM Modi insisted that Joe Biden took power in America at a very challenging time. However, even in difficult times, his government also faced Corona effectively, took important decisions regarding climate change and also worked to activate the quad. Earlier, PM Modi met Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of world’s giants in the fields of defence, computer software, hardware, solar energy and investment. PM invited him to invest in India. The total assets of these companies are Rs 41 lakh crore.


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