• BJP President and party organization general secretary met PM Modi
  • JP Nadda will have a meeting with the state in-charges on Sunday
  • Further strategy based on feedback and reports

BJP President JP Nadda on Saturday reviewed the election states with party general secretaries and Uttar Pradesh in-charge Radha Mohan Singh. During this, the party’s ‘Service Hi Sangathan’ campaign was especially discussed. After the meeting, Nadda and party organization general secretary BL Santosh called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party leadership had already taken the feedback of the election states through the organization’s general secretary. There will be a meeting with the state in-charges on Sunday.

Meeting with PM
After the meeting, Nadda and the party’s organization general secretary met PM Modi at his residence. Sources say that both informed the PM about the feedback of the Seva Hi Sangathan campaign. Significantly, the party general secretary has recently returned from a three-day stay in UP.

Radha Mohan will meet the Governor
At the same time, amidst the flurry of cabinet expansion in UP, UP in-charge Radha Mohan Singh will meet the Governor today. His meeting with Governor Anandi Ben is scheduled at 11 am. There is a discussion that there may be a major reshuffle in the Yogi cabinet before the 2022 elections. After the way to deal with the corona epidemic and poor performance in the panchayat elections, the BJP has become alert and has started brainstorming about the elections to be held next year.

Special discussion on UP
Radha Mohan Singh was the only state in charge to attend the meeting. Discussions will be held with the in-charges of other states on Sunday. Sources say that the party vice-president and in-charge of UP, Radha Mohan was called for a special discussion on UP. During his three-day stay in UP, Radha Mohan was with the organization’s general secretary. Both had met ministers, MLAs, and union office bearers in the state and gave feedback to the leadership.

For this two-day meeting, A.B.L. Many leaders including Santosh, Kailash Vijayvargiya, CT Ravi, Dushyant Gautam, Arun Singh, D Purudeshwari, Dilip Saikia arrived. Significantly, after the second wave of Corona, the party has to face assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Goa, and Gujarat next year. At present, there is only a BJP government in all these states.

According to party sources, on the first day of the two-day meeting, the general secretaries were informed about the current political situation in the electoral states, the ongoing preparations for the elections. Feedback on the organization’s service campaign was taken from the in-charges. Along with this, the resentment arising out of the second wave of Corona was taken stock of. Now on Sunday, Nadda will hold a meeting with the in-charges of the states. Based on the feedback and reports received in this, further strategies will be prepared. Many other leaders including BL Santosh, CT Ravi, Dushyant Gautam, Arun Singh, D Purudeshwari, Dilip Saikia arrived for the two-day meeting.


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