• No concrete evidence has come to the fore about whether the coronavirus originated in China itself. However, many experts are pointing fingers towards China itself. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has said that it cannot force China to provide more data on the origin of the virus.

The WHO said however that it would continue to insist that the investigation into where the virus came from and thus spread to the world should continue.

America also got tough
America, which is trying to find out the origin of the coronavirus that has caused havoc all over the world from China, is no longer in a mood to be lenient against the dragon. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, while blaming China for the coronavirus, said that the coronavirus has to be eradicated, and if such an epidemic is to be avoided in the future, then it will have to go to the bottom. He said that China is not allowing the investigation to be conducted in the way it should have been.

The US Secretary of State said during an interview that the biggest reason behind getting to the bottom of the epidemic (corona) is that this is the only way we can avoid the next epidemic or do better efforts to end it.

US Secretary of State Blinken said, ‘China is not being transparent about the virus and is not giving the kind of information that is necessary for its investigation. Blinken said that Beijing should admit international investigators and also provide them with all necessary information so that this epidemic can be eradicated from the world.

A heated debate over the initial spread of the coronavirus
There has been a heated debate about the initial spread of the coronavirus. Till last year, where its origin was believed to be from animals, now for the past few months, the demand for an investigation of leaks from the Wuhan laboratory has gained momentum. Some experts say, the theory of the epidemic coming from bats to humans has not satisfied the world. As such, diffusion from the laboratory should be thoroughly investigated. He has given many reasons and methods for this.

H1N1 was spread from the lab in 1977
Lab accidents have caused human infection in the past. A prime example of this is the H1N1 flu pandemic in 1977, in which more than seven lakh people died. This is the reason why no virus can be completely ruled out from the lab.

scope for genetic manipulation
While there is no evidence of genetic manipulation, there are ways scientists can modify viral sequences without evidence. These include the way the genome is cut into pieces and stitched together. Also via the ISA protocol, the interconnected fragments naturally come together in cells through homologous recombination. Under this, two DNA molecules exchange fragments.

animal samples were negative
However genetic manipulation isn’t the only cause of potential lab leaks. There are other reasons behind this as well. Intensive research for more than a year about the virus being animal-borne was not successful. For this, out of 80 thousand animal samples of about 30 species, the test result of all has been negative.


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