PM Imran Khan believes that the country cannot progress without following the true teachings of Islam as there are certain things involved in it to prevent the Pakistani society from progressing.

Pakistan, which has always been basking in the glory of the Taliban who occupied Afghanistan, has always supported this radical organization in international forums as well. Now Imran Khan wants to implement Sharia law like the Taliban in his country Pakistan. In view of this, Imran announced the formation of the Rahmatul Lil Alameen Authority.

This decision of Imran has made it clear in which direction he wants to take Pakistan. In a true sense, PM Imran Khan has laid the foundation of the Taliban in Pakistan. Imran’s real motive is to change Pakistan’s education system according to Sharia through this authority.

Taliban also started as a student organization
If we talk about the history of the Taliban, then the Taliban is a fundamentalist organization, it also started as a student organization, they also describe themselves as an advocate of Islam and follower of Sharia. While Imran has supported non-violence in many places, Imran has been seen praising the organization which commits cruelty in the name of Sharia. This clearly shows that he wants to take his country also on the path of the Taliban.

Will join authority Scholars
Imran Khan addressed the ‘Ashra-e-Rahmat-ul-Lil-Alamin’ conference in Islamabad and during this, he said that scholars will be included in this new authority and they will be entrusted with the task of researching how children And how to spread the teachings of the Prophet among adults. Also, the world has to be told that what is Islam really?

Pak PM Imran Khan said that the curriculum of schools will be monitored through this authority. Also, the scholars who are part of the authority will tell us if the curriculum needs to be changed. At the same time, he said that education of other religions will also be given through this authority.

Cartoon showing foreign culture
Imran Khan said that the authority will also be given the task of making cartoons according to their culture. He said that cartoons are showing foreign culture to our children. We cannot stop them, but we can give them options.

Also said Imran Khan said that the authority will also assess the advantages and disadvantages of western civilization on Pakistani society. He said that when you bring western civilization into the country, there is also a need to assess the damage it is doing to us. Let us tell you that Sharia law is the most dangerous law in the world, in which both the hands of the person who steals are cut off.


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