Pakistan is not deterring from its nefarious antics. Its drone activities are continuing on the international border. However, ready BSF jawans are throwing water on his plans. After Amritsar, now Pakistan’s drone conspiracy has come to the fore in Gurdaspur. A Pakistani drone was spotted near the India-Pakistan border in Gurdaspur on Thursday night.

Border Security Force personnel opened fire on Pakistani drones on the Indo-Pakistan border on Thursday night. After this, BSF and Punjab Police launched a search operation in the border area on Friday morning. Nothing suspicious was found during this period. BSF DIG Prabhakar Joshi said that at around 9 pm on Thursday night near BOP Saharan, 10 battalions of BSF thwarted an attempt to enter the Indian border by firing on Pakistani drones on the border.

The BSF launched a joint search operation with the Punjab Police on Friday morning after a blockade in the area during the night itself. Simultaneously, the border area was searched but nothing suspicious was found. He appealed to the farmers and common people of the border area, apart from social organizations and religious organizations to cooperate with the Border Security Force in protecting the borders of the country and keep a close watch on the suspicious people roaming in the border area, so that any anti-national element. Don’t let your bad intentions come true.

Pakistan sending weapons by drone to Punjab
Terrorists sitting in Pakistan are sending explosives to Punjab through the border with the help of ISI. This is a big challenge before the security agencies. Pak terrorists have sent explosive material to Tarn Taran, Amritsar, and Gurdaspur through drones. Tiffin bombs have reached Punjab in large quantities. However, the Punjab Police recently busted two ISI-backed modules. At the same time, the action of security agencies is continuing.


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