Amidst the tussle in Punjab Congress, Captain Amarinder Singh has started the round of meeting the party leaders. The Captain met former Chief Minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal on Friday after a dinner party at the residence of Sports Minister Rana Gurjit Singh Sodhi on Thursday. The Captain suddenly reached his residence to meet Bhattal. In Punjab, many political meanings are being extracted from this meeting.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Friday met former Chief Minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal after a massive show of strength with ministers, MLAs, and MPs during a dinner party at Sports Minister Rana Gurjit Singh Sodhi’s residence on Thursday night. The Chief Minister himself reached the official residence of Bhattal and inquired about his condition. During this, with sips of tea, there was a discussion between the two leaders on the current situation of the government and the party.

However, both the leaders have not disclosed any details about this conversation. Earlier, Punjab Pradesh Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu had also reached to meet Bhattal. Since there is a war between Captain and Sidhu in the background of the turmoil in the State Congress. In such a situation, there are many political reasons for both the leaders to come alternately to meet former Chief Minister Bhattal.

After meeting the chief minister on Friday, Bhattal termed the meeting as formal, but his body language made it clear during his interaction with reporters that the captain had offered him a bigger responsibility. Bhattal told reporters that it was a formal meeting and thus earlier also we keep visiting each other’s houses.

Asked what issues were discussed during the meeting, Bhattal said that there is no specific issue. Our party is united and this is the goal of all of us, how to make the government by winning the party. He said that he has been in the Congress party for a very long time and it is his opinion that everyone should go together. Today this is the big question that how we should go together as one because Congress will stake a claim to form the government most strongly among all the opposition parties.

When asked about the issues of drug abuse and sacrilege, Bhattal said that these are issues but the Congress party is solving them. Our government has taken steps to resolve any issues. Still, where there are shortages, the work will continue on them. Dismissing Navjot Sidhu’s threat to the high command to beat him brick by brick, Bhattal said he was not aware of any such statement. He said that we have only one goal that all unitedly move forward and win the elections.


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