In the coming days, the power crisis in Punjab may deepen. Production has come to a standstill in four units of three thermal plants. At the same time, four units of two thermal plants are being run with half the capacity. There is only some coal left in these plants.

The acute shortage of coal in the thermal plants of Punjab is now affecting the power supply. Till now, farmers were getting hardly four to five hours of electricity for paddy crops instead of eight hours a day. Meanwhile, on Saturday, domestic consumers in villages as well as in cities had to face cuts due to lack of electricity.

On the other hand, in the midst of this severe power crisis, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PowerCom) on Saturday appealed to consumers to save electricity, citing shortage of coal. According to the data, at present four days coal is left in Ropar Thermal Plant, four in Lehra Mohabbat, only one in Talwandi Sabo, one in Rajpura, and less than half a day in Goindwal.

Many units closed, some are being run at half capacity
According to the rules, it is necessary to have 25 to 30 days of coal in the thermal plant. In view of this acute shortage of coal, Powercom has closed two out of four units of Ropar and one unit of Lehra Mohabbat. On the other hand, a unit of Talwandi Sabo has also been closed on Saturday. Now two units of the Talwandi Sabo plant are being run with half capacity. Similarly, both the units of Goindwal Sahib have been reduced to half capacity.

Less production, more consumption
Powercom got only 2297 MW from private thermal plants on Saturday as against 3488 MW on Friday, while only 934 MW from government thermals and 228 MW from hydel. The demand for electricity on Saturday was close to 8000 MW. Due to low power generation, Powercom had to buy 3000 MW power from outside. The special thing is that Powercom can buy power up to 6800 MW from outside, but these days due to the coal crisis in the whole country, the power generation is decreasing. Hence less power is being received from the outside.

Up to four hours cut in villages
Powercom had to make cuts due to less availability of power as compared to the demand. While there were two to three hours of power cuts in the cities, people had to face power cuts of three to four hours in the villages. On the other hand, in view of this serious crisis, Powercom has appealed to the consumers to switch off the AC and use the lights and other electrical appliances sparingly to save electricity. According to experts, if this situation continues, then people should be prepared for long power cuts in the coming days.


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