• In the primary investigation of the survey, maximum antibodies have been found in the children of the Moga district. Antibodies have been found in 82 percent of the children of this district, while in Patiala district, the lowest 16 percent antibodies have been found. Although these are preliminary figures, the real situation will be known only after the final report is ready in a few days.

In Punjab, 42 percent of children are in danger in a possible third wave. Antibodies have been found in 58 percent of the children in the primary investigation of the serosurvey conducted in July. In order to prepare for the third wave, the Punjab government had conducted a serosurvey on the age group of 6 to 17 years. However, the final report of the survey is yet to be prepared. Soon the health department will make its results public.

In the third wave of Corona, only children are said to be at risk. In view of such possibilities, Punjab had conducted the first serosurvey of children in the age group of 6 to 17 years in July. Although the work of serosurvey was to be completed by the end of July, due to the strike of doctors, the health department had trouble collecting samples.

Till now the department had taken samples of more than 1500 children from some districts, in which 58 percent samples have found antibodies, while 42 percent of the children have not been able to make antibodies. In such a situation, health experts are telling these children the most danger in the possible third wave of the corona. Most of the samples collected during the survey have been collected from urban areas. According to the Health Department, the responsibility of parents increases, even more, to protect children from danger.

Why Antibodies are Important
The development of antibodies in the body is very important in the fight against Covid-19. It can either be caused by vaccination or occurs after a person has been infected with the virus. Antibodies help fight infection. It also protects the body from getting infected again. When a virus, bacteria, or any external micro-organism attacks the body, then our immune system is automatically activated to fight it. Antibodies are proteins that are made by the immune system shortly after an infection or a vaccine has been introduced into the body.


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