Captain Amarinder Singh, who has been dragging the Congress in Punjab for 22 years, is now preparing to shake the party’s roots in the state. The Captain has made his sharp attitude known by announcing to leave the Congress. At present, the Captain will not join the BJP, but by forming a large group of angry senior Congress leaders in the state, he can bring down the high command and the Congress of the state to the ground. While the Captain had a great hold in the bureaucracy, he retained his hold on the government as well as the organization. The leaders close to the Captain are now engaged in contacting the senior leaders in the state, who are being sidelined. The party was on the ground when Captain Amarinder Singh took over the reins of the Congress after Rajinder Kaur Bhattal. In 1997, only 14 Congress MLAs had won and the BJP-Akali Dal dominated.

Captain Amarinder Singh breathed life into the party and in 2002, Captain Amarinder Singh brought the party to power and won 14 straight 61 MLAs from the Congress. The Captain dealt the biggest blow to the BJP, which had only three MLAs left. The performance of Congress in 2007 was also not disappointing, 44 MLAs of Congress won under the leadership of Capt. After this, Mohinder Singh KP got the command of Congress and later Pratap Bajwa but both could not bring Congress to power. In 2012, 46 Congress MLAs won the assembly but did not get power.

The high command again made Captain Congress President and in 2017 Captain again brought Congress to power and won 77 MLAs and reached the assembly. When Captain Amarinder Singh took over, the headship of the state went to Sunil Jakhar. There was constant coordination between the organization and the government. Although many leaders including Pratap Bajwa, Ashwani Sekhri, MP Shamsher Singh Dulo remained anti-Captain, the balance between the government and the organization remained.

The captain’s hold in the bureaucracy, of course, continued to strengthen him, but his distance from the common workers and leaders kept increasing. Now the situation is completely opposite. After Sidhu became the state head, many leaders including Sunil Jakhar, Pratap Singh Bajwa, Shamsher Singh Dulo, Ashwani Sekhri are feeling cheated. After the coronation of Sidhu and Channi, the speed with which senior leaders have been sidelined, the Captain is ready to fully exploit it.

According to sources, the Captain’s team has kept in touch with everyone and the Captain is going to form his own camp after leaving the Congress. It is obvious that in the elections, Navjot Singh Sidhu can cut the tickets of many near leaders of the Captain by putting them aside, in such a situation, the Captain will include those leaders and colleagues in his team. Many politicians can board the captain’s election ship. Several ministers close to the Captain have been discharged, including Gurpreet Singh Kangar, Sunder Sham Arora, Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Balbir Singh Sidhu. All of them are very angry with Sidhu. Therefore, the Captain has started preparing to give his platform to the angry leaders.


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