Chief Minister Channi issued orders to all departments. Will conduct surprise inspections across the state itself. Tainted employees will be removed from public dealing.

Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has issued orders to all departments to prepare a list of tainted employees against whom corruption cases are going on. According to the information received from the Chief Minister’s Office, after this list is prepared, the tainted employees will be removed from the public dealing posts and posted at places like record rooms.

Also, the order issued recently by the Chief Minister that all the government employees should reach their offices on time and fulfill the work with utmost seriousness. In order to implement this, the Chief Minister has decided that he will tour across the state and conduct surprise inspections of government offices, which will also check whether the employees reach the duty on time and stay in the office till the stipulated time. According to sources, a plan will be prepared between the Chief Minister’s Office and the DGP’s office regarding these tours in the state.

It is noteworthy that during a recent press conference, the Chief Minister had said that he is collaborating with the people of Punjab to gather information about the problems faced by them in government offices. It is learned that on the basis of the feedback received from the people, the Chief Minister has decided to conduct a surprise inspection.

In fact, in the feedback received by the Chief Minister, most of the complaints have been made that the government babu in the offices harasses the people by hanging their work without any valid reason, forcing them to visit the office again and again. Sometimes government babu is absent from his chairs even during office hours and people are asked to come the next day.

At the same time, due to such behavior of babus in tehsils, corruption is increasing. People’s works are deliberately hung without bribes. The program fixed in this regard will remain confidential and the Chief Minister will suddenly reach any office.


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