• On Friday, Captain Amarinder Singh was the last leader to appear before the three-member committee. It is learned that the Captain has raised many questions on the intention of the angry leaders along with presenting the report cards of all his MLAs before the committee.

On the issue of infighting in Punjab Congress, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh made his point before the High-Level Committee on Friday. In a meeting that lasted nearly three hours with committee members, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge, senior leader Jayaprakash Agarwal and general secretary in charge of the state Harish Rawat, Captain presented the report cards of all the MLAs and questioned the intentions of the angry leaders. Coming out, the Captain refused to say anything regarding the meeting, but according to party sources

On one hand, while expressing full confidence in the leadership and ability of the Captain, the high command has made it clear that the Captain will be the face of the government and the party, while it has also refused to ignore the angry leaders including Navjot Sidhu. That is, despite the opposition of the Captain, the high command has started preparing to give full attention and respect to the angry leaders in the Punjab Congress.

According to the information, the high command has made up its mind to give a respectable place to the angry leaders in the reshuffle of the Punjab cabinet and the reorganization of the Punjab Congress organization. In such a situation, Navjot Singh Sidhu may be offered a ministerial post in the Captain’s cabinet. However, Sidhu had resigned from the post of a cabinet minister in 2019, rejecting the ministerial post.
This time also, if Sidhu does not agree, then speculations are being made to hand over the command of the state organization to him. Along with this, the high command has also made up its mind to give preference to senior leaders of Punjab in the party so that the senior leaders can take advantage of the goodwill built among the people in the elections.

At the same time, the Captain is sure to be angry in both these situations, but the high command believes that it is very important to calm the dispute at the moment so that the activism of the united Congress can be increased in the atmosphere for the 2022 elections.

Earlier, during the last three days, the committee had called all the Congress MLAs, Ministers, MPs, senior leaders of Punjab and took their opinion on the current dispute of the State Congress and the measures to resolve it. In this regard, it has been learned that apart from the leaders who are angry with the Captain, the leaders who are in favor of the Captain have also put before the committee the problem of indecency and difficulty in going out to the public due to non-fulfillment of drug promises.

In this way, on the one hand, the arguments of the angry leaders have gained strength in front of the high command, while the manner of functioning of the Captain has also been questioned. After the three-hour meeting on Friday, the Captain only said that everything cannot be done in front of the media. By the way, the Captain also said that elections are to be held in Punjab in six months, in this connection talks have taken place in this meeting.


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