If the supply of coal is not returned on track in time, then Punjab may have to face a big power crisis. This new problem has arisen in front of the Punjab government, which has once faced a power crisis in the paddy season. Government thermal plants of Punjab remained stalled on Sunday. At the same time, the change of crisis has started looming over the power generation of private plants.

The coal crisis continued in the thermal plants of Punjab on Sunday as well. Some stocks of coal reached only two plants, due to which the government thermal plants remained closed on Sunday as well. It is being told that the supply of coal in the plants will be further affected for a week. In such a situation, there is a possibility of closure of private thermal plants in the coming days. This may once again create a major power crisis in the state.

The thermal plants of Punjab currently have coal stocks ranging from only two days to 10 days. Of these, eight days are left in the government Ropar thermal plant on Sunday, five in Lehra Mohabbat, 8 in private thermal plant Talwandi Sabo, 10 in Rajpura, and only two days in Goindwal Sahib. Whereas according to the rules of the Punjab government, thermal plants should have coal stock of 25 to 30 days for power generation.

On Sunday, only 4095 MT coal was supplied in Lehra Mohabbat and 3759 MT in Talwandi Sabo Plant. It is being told that the supply of coal from Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand will be affected for a week now. In this situation, private thermal plants are likely to be closed in the coming days.

On Sunday, the power demand in Punjab was recorded at around 10500 MW. Whereas in comparison, availability with Punjab was only 3723 MW out of which 661 MW from Hydels and 3723 MW from Private. To meet the shortfall in supply, Powercom has taken more than 6500 MW of power from outside. Powercom has bought power from outside at around Rs 4 per unit.
Things are under control now. Negotiations are being held at the central level to overcome the shortage of coal. It is expected that coal will be available for thermal plants soon.
Paramjit Singh, Director Generation, Powercom, Punjab.


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