• Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had asked to implement the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission by July 1, 2021. Now the government has once again extended the tenure of the Pay Commission. Punjab Finance Minister Manpreet Badal had also announced to implement the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission during this budget.

There has been a bad situation regarding the Sixth Pay Commission of Punjab. While the recommendations of this Pay Commission have been announced by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh from July 1 this year, the Chief Secretary of the state on Monday issued a new notification that the tenure of the Sixth Pay Commission will be on August 31. being extended till 2021.

Earlier, in continuation of the notification issued on April 1 last, the tenure of the Sixth Pay Commission was extended till May 31, 2021. Although it was announced by the Chief Minister at that time that the decision to implement the recommendations of the commission would be taken in the cabinet meeting in the last week of May, no such proposal came in the cabinet meeting held last week and the government employees Just kept waiting. It is noteworthy that the Finance Minister had announced in the budget for the year 2021-22 that the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission would be implemented this year.

The commission has submitted recommendations to the government
In fact, in April itself, the Sixth Pay Commission has submitted its recommendations to the state government. In these, the commission has recommended a more than double increase in the salary of all the employees of the Punjab government. In the report submitted to the Chief Minister, the commission has recommended increasing the minimum wage from Rs 6950 to Rs 18000 per month as well as an increase in various allowances. The commission has asked to implement the new pay scale from January 1, 2016.
According to the recommendations made by the commission, there can be an average increase of about 20 percent in the salary and pension of the employees, which is 2.59 times the increase in the salary as compared to the recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission. Along with rationalization in some allowances, it is also proposed to increase the major allowances by one and a half to double. The Chief Minister has sent this report to the Finance Department for study and directed that it should be presented in the cabinet this month for further action.

Employees waiting for a new pay scale for six years
Government servants were waiting for the report of this commission for the last six years. The Pay Commission was constituted in February 2016 during the Akali-BJP coalition government in Punjab. Then the government had constituted a three-member panel of the commission under the leadership of former chief secretary RS Mann, but nine months passed in the appointment of two of its members, and both the members could be appointed in November 2016.

After this, the commission could start its work but the government changed in the state. Shortly after the new government led by Capt. RS Mann resigned as the chairman of the commission for personal reasons. Then Captain Sarkar handed over the command of the commission to former Chief Secretary Jai Singh Gill and the commission started functioning.

The special thing is that the state government did not give any office staff to the commission. In January 2019, the commission had called for data related to employees from all departments, but the commission was not given staff to compile this data. As a result, the work of compiling the data of 3.5 lakh employees of the state progressed with a turtle speed. After this, the government extended the tenure of the commission till December 31, 2019, and then continued to increase the tenure for six months till today.


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