The ruckus in Punjab Congress is not stopping. The new statements of the party leaders are increasing the concern of the high command. In Amritsar, Navjot Singh Sidhu said that if given the right to take full decisions, then the Congress government will remain in Punjab for the next 20 years. Addressing the traders and industrialists, he said that he would risk his life to get the power agreements canceled.

State President and MLA of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Navjot Singh Sidhu said that he cannot work without the right to make decisions. If they were given the right to take decisions completely, then the Congress government would remain in Punjab for the next 20 years.

Sidhu said this at a program of businessmen and industrialists of Punjab at a resort in Amritsar on Thursday night after the resignation of his advisor. Sidhu said that he cannot help anyone if he is not given the right to make decisions. They have brought a new hope of hope for the merchants and industrialists in the coming season.

On forming the government, he once again talked about making Punjab the biggest market in Asia and claimed that he would come up with a new policy for the industry. He said that even today our goods go to 36 countries but in the present situation the economy of Punjab has come to a standstill. He also talked about giving electricity at 3 rupees per unit to the traders and said that if needed, he will also risk his life to get the power agreement canceled.

On this occasion, representatives of different trade and industry associations apprised Sidhu about their problems. Traders and industrialists said amidst strong tension that they should be given an environment to do business and their safety should be ensured.

Punjab Pradesh Vyapar Mandal President Ranjan Agrawal told Sidhu that recently a delegation of businessmen from Ludhiana has come after talking to the Chief Minister of UP so that they can shift their industries there. If this happens, then the industry of the state will get a big setback. Therefore, it is necessary that while solving the problem of electricity, they should be given relief on the lines of neighboring states. At the same time, industrialist Kamal Dalmiya said that before the elections, the government had talked about giving electricity to the industries at Rs 5 per unit, but after the formation of the government, it forgot the promise made with the traders.


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