1. Afghanistan will not get any new help
  2. The US freezes the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, worth about $ 9.5 billion, or more than Rs 706 billion.

As soon as the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, restrictions have started on it. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that Afghanistan will no longer be able to use IMF resources. He won’t even get any new help.

This decision has been taken due to the confusion over the issue of not recognizing the new government in Afghanistan. Recently, the Taliban have recaptured Afghanistan and President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. There is an atmosphere of panic in the country.

Before this America has also taken a tough decision. Since the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, the US has been taking steps to keep cash out of the hands of the Taliban. In this episode, the US has frozen the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, about $ 9.5 billion, or more than Rs 706 billion. Not only this, but the US has also stopped the cash supply to Afghanistan for the time being that the country’s money does not go to the hands of the Taliban.

The US Treasury has taken these steps to prevent cash reserves restricted by the Federal Reserve and other US banks from going into the hands of the Taliban.

According to a Bloomberg report, a Biden administration official confirmed this, saying that none of the assets of the Afghan government’s central bank in the US will be available to the Taliban and this property will remain on the Finance Ministry’s banned list.

Taliban giving safe way
Senior US military official Mark Milley has said that the Taliban is giving safe passage to American citizens (passport holders) in Kabul. Let us tell you that the US military is in control of Kabul Airport. Hundreds of people are leaving Afghanistan under his supervision.

S Jaishankar spoke to the Foreign Minister of Britain
At the same time, on the issue of Afghanistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke to UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab. Giving information about this, Jaishankar said that the latest situation in Afghanistan and the challenges faced were discussed between the two.


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