• Pakistan is plotting terror in Punjab. For this, he resorted to drones. These drones are made in China. Through these, Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency ISI is planning to drop weapons in Punjab. She also succeeded on many occasions. At the same time, the jawan is very ready on the border.

After Jammu and Kashmir, now Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and terrorists sitting in Pakistan have started dropping weapons in Punjab with Chinese-made drones. Terrorists, who have continuously spread terror with drones in Jammu and Kashmir, have now targeted Punjab. In the last two-three years, several cases of drones dropping weapons, drugs, and explosives have been reported in Jammu and Punjab. Weapons and explosives have come from drones 13 times in Punjab itself.

The use of drones in terrorist activities is being seen as the beginning of a threat to the security of the country. The danger of armed drones was discussed by the Indian security establishment a few years back. Earlier, claims were also made on behalf of Punjab Police that Pakistan has dropped weapons from drones in Punjab.

Terrorist activities have intensified once again in Punjab. Terrorists sitting in Germany, Canada, America, Australia, and Italy are sending huge consignments of weapons to Punjab by drones by funding them through accomplices sitting in Pakistan. There have been 33 incidents of arms and explosives being found in two years. Recently, two terrorists who were arrested a few days ago Sultanwind and Amritpal Singh residents of village Mehedu near Mehedu, Jalandhar, revealed that they committed the terrorist incident on the orders of Gurpreet Singh Khalsa, the main accused in the Shingar cinema bombing of Ludhiana sitting in the UK. Had to do it.
The supply of arms and explosives was sent by Gurpreet to India through ISI and Babbar Khalsa International by drone. According to sources, if the drone has infiltrated 13 times, then the drone has dropped weapons 5 times. Since August 12, 2019, five Chinese drones have been recovered in Punjab itself.

Intelligence agencies have alerted the security forces that the drones being used to deliver weapons can also attack the targets near the border with bombs. Indian agencies are brainstorming to deal with this problem. On the one hand, where India is busy developing anti-drone capability and in foggy weather in Punjab and Jammu, and Kashmir, the challenge for Indian security agencies will be more.

In June last year, the BSF shot down a drone coming from Pakistan across the border in Kathua. A semi-automatic carbine, ammunition, and grenades were recovered from this drone when it was shot down. The weight of this drone was about 18 kg and it was flying with a weight of 5-6 kg. According to security agencies, most of the parts of this drone were made in China. Recently, explosives and tiffin bombs were also sent through drones in Punjab, two parts of which have been caught.


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