The Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed Rohtak’s petition challenging the decision of the Family Court. The court said that if the wife repeatedly gives false complaints against the husband, then it is cruelty. If the complaint is found to be false, it is also a solid ground for divorce.

Making false complaints by the wife repeatedly to harass the husband is certainly cruelty to the husband. If the complaints are found to be false then it is a solid ground for the husband to seek divorce. The High Court has given this decision while considering the order of divorce given by the Family Court of Rohtak as correct and dismissing the petition challenging it.

The marriage of the petitioner and her husband took place in 2012 in Rohtak. After marriage, there was an atmosphere of quarrel in the house. The husband alleged that the behavior of the wife was not good towards him and his family. Both lived in the village and gradually the wife started trying to separate from the family and make arrangements to live in the city. When the family did not agree to this, the whole family was threatened with a false case. After this, the in-laws of the petitioner arranged for a rented house in Rohtak to settle down.

The intervention of the wife’s family made the life of both of them hell and when the husband opposed it, the wife became crueler. This was followed by a series of criminal complaints and complaints against the husband one after the other. The police investigated all the cases and did not consider the complaint even fit for filing the case.

The High Court observed that the wife resorted to false complaints to pressurize her to stay away from the family immediately after marriage. Combat nature and this type of attitude towards husband and in-laws definitely comes under the category of cruelty and can be grounds for divorce. In such a situation, the decision of the family court of Rohtak to divorce is correct and there is no need to change it. The High Court dismissed the wife’s petition against divorce outright.


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