• The cases of coronavirus are decreasing continuously in the country and the second wave is starting to weaken. But the figures show how much the second wave has wreaked havoc and has claimed 2000 lives on an average every day.

The second wave of coronavirus has wreaked havoc in India. More than two lakh deaths have occurred due to corona infection since March 1 this year. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, three out of every five deaths have been caused by the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the second wave of corona in India on March 1 this year, on average, about 2000 people have died due to this virus every day. The death rate in the second wave of Corona has been very high. A total of 3,63,029 people have died in India since the first wave.

2.25 lakh deaths during 102 days in Brazil
Globally, there have been 2.25 lakh deaths due to coronavirus during 102 days in Brazil alone. While there have been 82,738 deaths in the US since March 1. So far, a total of 6.1 lakh people have lost their lives here due to coronavirus, which is the highest in the world.

However, there has been a steady decline in daily cases in India for the last three weeks. The total deaths figures were also improved which includes 11,583 in Maharashtra, 3951 in Bihar, and 779 in Uttarakhand.

new death toll
In the last two days alone, 5873 deaths have been added, out of which 3951 are in Bihar and Maharashtra. Due to the new figures of Bihar, the total death toll in the country had crossed 6 thousand on Wednesday. Experts also welcomed providing accurate death figures and said that it would help in getting accurate information.

Talking about the total cases, about 62 percent of corona infection cases were reported in the second wave. Since March 1, 2021, 1.8 crore cases have been reported in the country, while a total of 2.9 crore infection cases have been reported since the first wave.


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