• The central government has recently fixed the prices of the corona vaccine in private hospitals. The Punjab government called it a decision taken without prudence and delay. Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu demanded a refund of all the payments made by the state to the central government for the vaccine.

The Health Minister of Punjab has objected to the new policy of the Central Government regarding the vaccine given to private hospitals. Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said that the decision of the Central Government to fix the prices of Kovid vaccines in private hospitals has been taken without prudence and too late.

He said that the payment for the vaccine so far should be returned to the Centre. The Health Minister said that the governments of states and union territories do not have monopolies like the central government for procurement, which can negotiate for the purchase of vaccines at a price suitable for the group population of the country.

The Government of India was getting the Covidshield vaccine at Rs 150 per dose, while the state government had to pay Rs 315 for it including GST. The Health Minister said that the central government should abolish the 25 percent quota given to private institutions. He clarified that fixing the price of any vaccine and medicine comes under the purview of the Central Government and fresh instructions have been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners and Civil Surgeons to fix the prices of vaccines in private hospitals.


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